All Classes and Interfaces

Abstract base class useful for CSSCanvas implementations.
Abstract class to be inherited by all CSS rules.
Abstract class to be inherited by all CSS style declarations.
Abstract class to be inherited by all CSS style sheets.
Abstract class for CSS style sheet factories.
A simple, map-backed abstract base class for DeviceFactory implementations.
CSS Selector matcher.
Abstract base class for CSS Style databases.
Abstract class to be inherited by all CSS style sheets.
Abstract base class for User Agents, with cookie handling.
User agent utility methods.
Expression sub-interface to be implemented by operations like sum or product.
AnB expression.
Anonymous style declaration, associated to a non-element DOM node.
A condition is applied to a list of selectors that is supplied as an argument to the selector name.
Refines SAC's AttributeCondition interface.
Attribute selector flags.
Attribute NamedNodeMap.
Transforms HTML attributes into style declarations.
Attr primitive value.
Authentication credentials for user agents.
Abstract class to be inherited by CSS rules which have a CSSStyleDeclaration.
CSS Style Declaration.
CSS Style Sheet Object Model implementation base class.
Base class for CSS style sheet factories.
Base implementation for DocumentCSSStyleSheet.
Boolean conditions.
The types of condition.
Factory interface for boolean conditions.
Box model helper class.
Interface giving access to the computed box values.
Sub-interface for tables in the simple box model.
An implementation of SimpleWriter backed by a StringBuilder.
Calc CSSPrimitiveValue.
CSS Color identifiers map.
Color-specific CSSPrimitiveValue.
Compat-aware CSS inline style declaration.
Style declaration that computes CSS properties.
Updates SAC's Condition interface.
XML Content Model information.
User agent configuration for http cookies.
CSS counter-style rule implementation.
attr() primitive value.
CSS canvas interface.
Interface that allows the retrieval of the primitive, "computed" values of CSS properties.
Represents all the "conditional" at-rules, which consist of a condition and a statement block.
Counter-style rule.
A CSS counters() function.
A CSS counter() function.
A CSS custom property value ('variable').
A CSS rule that contains style declarations.
A CSS-enabled Document.
The style computations operate under a compliance mode.
CSS-enabled DOM implementation.
Essentially adds CSS-related methods to the DOM's Element interface.
A CSS environment variable value.
Implemented by CSS expressions.
Enumeration of expression parts (operations, operands).
A primitive value containing an expression (like calc()).
Based on W3C's CSSFontFeatureValuesMap interface.
@font-feature-values rule.
A function value.
A gradient value.
Enumeration of gradient types.
Represents an at-rule that contains other rules nested inside itself.
The CSSKeyframeRule interface represents the style rule for a single key.
CSSKeyframesRule represents a complete set of keyframes for a single animation.
Margin rule.
CSS media Exception.
Namespace-related parse exception.
Namespace rule.
A node that is related to a CSSDocument.
Sub-interface to be implemented by individual operands.
CSS parser implementing the NSAC API.
Small extension to SAC's DocumentHandler to deal with declaration rules.
Adds new methods and assigned units to W3C's CSSPrimitiveValue.
CSS Property exception.
Thrown when a property does not seem to have a correct value.
The ratio value type is a number followed by optional whitespace, followed by a solidus ('/'), followed by optional whitespace, followed by a number.
Stores a list of CSS rules, implementing CSSRuleList.
Shorthand value.
Abstract class to be inherited by CSS rules which have both selectors and a CSSStyleDeclaration.
CSS topmost generic Exception.
CSS style sheet factory.
List of extended style sheets.
Represents a ‘@supports’ rule.
A CSS unicode range value.
A CSS unicode character value.
Custom property (var) CSSPrimitiveValue.
A condition that declares a property name and a value.
Default Cookie implementation.
Implements EntityResolver2.
Device factory.
Represents the differences between two objects.
Helper class to determine the directionality of an element.
A style sheet that is able to take the responsibility to compute the styles associated to document elements.
Generic document-related exception.
Document Type Declaration.
Invalid DOM character exception.
Computed style associated to a DOM node.
CSS Style Sheet for DOM.
CSS style sheet factory for DOM.
Implementation of a DOM Document.
CSS Style Sheet for DOM.
A bare DOM element node.
DOM Node.
DOMNode-specific version of NodeList.
Null character exception for DOM.
Interface representing a DOMRect value.
CSS Selector matcher for DOM.
Based on DOM interface DOMTokenList which is actually a set.
An implementation of the DOMTokenList interface.
A sorted set implementation of the DOMTokenList interface.
DOM utility method.
Serializes a node and its subtree.
DOMElement-specific ExtendedNodeList.
Entity finder.
Environment variable (env) CSSPrimitiveValue.
Handle CSS errors at the CSSDocument.
Expression/Function evaluator.
Expression container base class.
An extended CSS font-face rule.
An extended CSS @media rule.
An extended CSS @page rule.
Extends the CSSValue interface to provide a couple serialization methods.
An extended CSS rule.
A rule list with additional utility methods.
Extended CSS style declaration.
An extended CSS style rule.
A style sheet.
Extends the CSSValue interface to provide a couple serialization methods, and extend Cloneable.
Augmented CSSValueList interface.
Extended NamedNodeMap.
This library's iterable version of the old NodeList.
Implementation of CSSFontFaceRule.
DocumentHandler for @font-feature-values rule body.
Implementation of CSSFontFeatureValuesRule.
Function CSSPrimitiveValue.
Implementation of a gradient value.
Implementation of CSSGroupingRule.
Device factory for headless devices.
HTML Document.
HTML-specific element nodes.
Identifier CSSPrimitiveValue.
Implementation of CSSImportRule.
An inherit value.
CSS Inline style declaration.
A formatting context for inline styles.
CSSKeyframeRule implementation.
DocumentHandler for @keyframes rule body.
Implementation of CSSKeyframesRule.
Updates SAC's LexicalUnit interface.
Linked-list implementation of ExtendedCSSValueList.
A sample ErrorHandler that uses SLF4J logging.
Implementation of CSSMarginRule.
Stores a list of CSS margin rules, implementing CSSRuleList.
Contains methods related to media query conditions.
Media Feature predicate.
Old MediaList and MediaQueryList implementation, supporting lists of plain media types (not media queries).
Interface to be implemented by handlers that are passed to CSSParser.parseMediaQuery(String, MediaConditionFactory, MediaQueryHandler).
Based on W3C's MediaQueryList interface.
Listen to changes in media queries.
Implementation of CSSMediaRule.
Implementation of W3C's CSSNamespaceRule.
Iterates over the document nodes according to a set of parameters.
A ListIterator that has Node arguments but returns DOMNode references.
This style declaration belongs to a DOM node.
Based on W3C's NonDocumentTypeChildNode interface.
Number-specific CSSPrimitiveValue.
Origin policy.
Implementation of CSSPageRule.
Based on W3C's ParentNode interface.
Methods that are useful for CSS parsing.
Updates SAC's Parser interface.
Interface giving access to namespace URI from the prefix.
Percentage CSSPrimitiveValue.
Updates SAC's PositionalCondition interface.
Base implementation for CSS primitive values.
Database of device-independent CSS property information.
Ratio CSSPrimitiveValue.
Implementation of DOMRect.
Adds an alpha channel to W3C's RGBColor interface.
Enumeration of color spaces.
Convenience exception that contains a reference to a rule.
High-level handling of SAC errors and warnings.
SAC Parser Factory used by static methods.
Updates SAC's Selector interface.
CSS Selector matcher.
Handle CSS errors at the style sheet level.
Database of shorthand-related property information.
A simple writer interface.
String-specific CSSPrimitiveValue.
CSS-enabled wrapper for a DOM Document.
CSS Style database.
Thrown when a requested operation requires a StyleDatabase to complete.
Handles the errors found in style declarations.
Define methods for style text formatting.
Create formatting context objects for use with a style sheet factory.
CSS style rule.
Abstract base implementation class for style sheet lists.
Base implementation for CSS values.
Contains factory methods related to @supports conditions.
CSS supports rule.
When a system-dependent property must be set but there is no style database, this value can be used.
Offers methods to control the parsing process by the handler.
To be implemented by listeners that handle the different events generated by the TokenProducer.
A simple parser that produces tokens from a String or Reader.
Check whether a character codepoint would be a valid addition to a word.
Basic access to the current sequence in this tokenizer.
Traverse the document's nodes according to a set of parameters.
Unicode range CSSPrimitiveValue.
Unicode character CSSPrimitiveValue.
Unicode range wildcard CSSPrimitiveValue.
Implementation of CSSUnknownRule.
Unknown CSS primitive value.
URI primitive value.
This class is mostly for internal use by the library (cross-package, so its visibility is public).
Very basic user agent abstraction.
User agent configuration and control.
Handles errors that the user agent finds.
Factory of CSS values.
This interface provides information about the processing of one (or more) CSS lexical unit(s) in order to produce a CSSValue, that can be recovered with ValueItem.getCSSValue().
Implementation of CSSValueList.
Represents a viewport defined as per the CSS specifications.
CSS Viewport rule implementation.
This interface is mostly for internal use by the library (cross-package, so its visibility is public).
Generic DocumentBuilder for XML documents.