Interface CSSDeclarationRule

All Superinterfaces:
CSSRule, org.w3c.dom.css.CSSRule
All Known Subinterfaces:
CSSFontFaceRule, CSSKeyframeRule, CSSMarginRule, CSSPageRule, CSSStyleRule
All Known Implementing Classes:
BaseCSSDeclarationRule, CounterStyleRule, CSSStyleDeclarationRule, FontFaceRule, KeyframeRule, MarginRule, PageRule, PropertyRule, StyleRule, ViewportRule

public interface CSSDeclarationRule extends CSSRule
A CSS rule that contains style declarations (of properties and/or descriptors).
  • Method Details

    • getStyle

      Get the style that is declared by this rule.
      the style declaration.
    • getStyleDeclarationErrorHandler

      StyleDeclarationErrorHandler getStyleDeclarationErrorHandler()
      Gets the error handler.
      the error handler.