Interface DeclarationCondition

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public interface DeclarationCondition extends BooleanCondition
A condition that declares a property name and a value.
  • Method Details

    • getName

      String getName()
      The property name.
      the property name.
    • getValue

      CSSValue getValue()
    • isParsable

      boolean isParsable()
    • setValue

      void setValue(CSSValue value) throws DOMException
      Set the condition feature value.
      value - the value.
      DOMException - if the value is incompatible with the feature being tested with the condition.
    • setValue

      void setValue(String cssText)
      Set a serialized value for the property, setting the parsable flag to false.

      This should be done only when a proper value could not be parsed.

      A condition which has a serialized value but not a real value is never going to match, although the serialized value shall be used for serializations.

      cssText - the serialized value.