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CSS4J provides a CSS object model API for the Java™ platform, closely related to the CSSOM and DOM APIs.


This software is released under a BSD-style license, although some individual files may have a different one (see NOTICE.txt in the distribution).


EchoSVG is a SVG implementation (fork of Batik) that uses the css4j NSAC parser.

Direct installation to local Maven repository

The CSS4J artifacts (together with a few dependencies not available from Maven Central like JCLF or a recent XMLPull-XPP3) can be installed directly to your local Maven repository by using these scripts:

The scripts execute Maven plugins: if you run them from a directory which has a pom.xml file, you may experience problems or delays caused by Maven processing that file.

More information about using the library in a Gradle or Maven project is given at the usage guide.

Community - Support

There is a general forum that can be used for css4j support, and the development forum is intended for discussions about patches and APIs.