Class ProxyValue

All Implemented Interfaces:
CSSPrimitiveValue, CSSValue, Serializable, Cloneable
Direct Known Subclasses:
AttrValue, EnvVariableValue, LexicalValue, VarValue

public abstract class ProxyValue extends PrimitiveValue
A PROXY value, like attr().
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    • getCssValueType

      public CSSValue.CssType getCssValueType()
      Description copied from interface: CSSValue
      Get the general category to which this value belongs.
      the general value type.
    • isExpectingInteger

      public boolean isExpectingInteger()
    • setExpectInteger

      public void setExpectInteger()
      Description copied from interface: CSSPrimitiveValue
      This value is expected to contain an integer.

      If this value is a non-integer number, an exception will be thrown immediately.

      If this value is a calc() that ever produces a non-integer number, the value shall be rounded to the nearest integer.

      If the value is a proxy that ever produces other than an integer number (without calc() involvement), an exception should be thrown later.

      Specified by:
      setExpectInteger in interface CSSPrimitiveValue
      setExpectInteger in class PrimitiveValue